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An Important Lesson from Yoda

Have you seen the latest Star Wars movie yet? My husband and I saw it over the holidays and both enjoyed it. The music for the movie franchise has been so impactful to me that I’m skating a medley for this year’s freestyle program (same music as last season, but with revamped choreography). But I haven’t always been successful with this program.

If you’ve been following my skating journey, you’ll know that I’ve had ups and downs. I’m a great “practice skater” but tend to fall apart during competition. As I’ve alluded to before in my 2017 goals recap and 2018 goals, I’m learning to focus on being in the moment rather than on future outcomes.

One great lesson from my misfortunes on the ice is that it’s OK to fail. In fact, I think Master Yoda said it best in this latest movie: “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

Failure is a wonderful teacher. We can learn from our mistakes, make the necessary corrections, and move forward and progress. If we were successful all the time, goals and challenges wouldn’t even be needed.

I don’t like to fail, and I’m sure most of you don’t either. But rather than wallow in my failures, I take it as a learning opportunity to see where and how I can improve. I have failed many, many times on the ice (and in life!) and will use that as examples on how to get stronger.

A wonderful teacher, Yoda is.

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