Skating Fridays

Time has crept up on me. My Adult Gold moves-in-the-field test is next week. Surprisingly, I have not started seriously freaking out yet, but that could easily change the day of the test. My skating friend K and I will be each other’s support systems, as we are both taking the same test. She will skate right before me, so I will be there to cheer her on and encourage her. I know she’ll do the same for me.

Unfortunately, I have no videos to show you today but instead wanted to share with you my mental preparation. For the past month or two, I’ve been doing visualization exercises: I’m skating through my entire test in my mind, seeing myself finish and visualizing the test papers.  In my head, I see my paperwork and visualize an 18.1, 18.3 and an 18.4 (I need two out of the three judges to give me a score of at least 18.0 to pass). I also envision myself giving my friend K a huge hug as we both celebrate.

Two things I’d like to share with fellow skaters (or anybody who knows a figure skater that tests in the USFSA system) are these great resources that have been invaluable to me:

  1. Common errors for moves-in-the-field tests
  2. Judges’ test forms.

Fingers crossed that my (and K’s) test goes swimmingly and that we both pass with flying colors. I hope to share some good news with you next Friday!


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