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Double Salchow Attempt and Analysis

I’ve declared 2018 the year of my double salchow. I am determined to land one clean this year and will do whatever I can to make it happen.

The best way for me to learn is to video myself and watch it frame-by-frame to see what I’m doing incorrectly. These videos have been invaluable since I can see where things start to go awry.

Another amazing resource for me has been my jump coach. This individual has decades of experience and has worked with top skaters across the globe. He is a self-proclaimed technical “geek” and enjoys analyzing videos for skaters.

I sent him a video of a double salchow attempt last week, and while I am still short on rotation, the jump appears to be more organized. And I’m actually crossing my feet!

Listen to what my coach has to say about it.

Hope this was enlightening for you!

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