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Warmup Exercises

I’m back again this week to recap what I learned at the skating seminar a few weeks ago. Today I am discussing the warmup exercises that Laurent Depouilly shared with us. Laurent is a French figure skater and was Brian Joubert’s coach.

These exercises should be done every day, and not just competition day. Laurent stressed that if you don’t perform these exercises on a daily basis, then doing them only day-of will do no good.

Begin these exercises as soon as you arrive at the rink.

Warmup for Competition Day
Sequence 1

  • Body Stretching: Start from bottom of body to top (feet, knees, hips, core, shoulders, arms and hands)

Sequence 2

  • Blood pressure: Do exercises to elevate heart rate (running for >6 minutes, skipping rope, climbing stairs)
  • Jump exercises: Jump up and down (10x), jumping jack type jumps (10x), cross feet jumping jacks (10x)

Sequence 3

  • Full body stretching

Sequence 4

  • Jumping techniques (rotations and landings)
  • Hold rotation and landing positions for all 3 spin positions (upright, sit, camel)
  • Music simulation (listen to music, run through choreography using arms)

 Sequence 5

  • Visualization: Visualize your program

Next week: Final notes


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