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2016 Skating Goals

It’s that time of year to declare my skating goals for 2016. Once again, I have a lofty list, but it’s better to dream and aspire than to maintain status quo, right?

Here we go:

  1. Increase PCS (program component scores) in freestyle programs. I’m hovering around the 14 point mark and want to reach at least 17. To do this, I will need to skate stronger, faster, and execute more power with better transitions. That means fewer crossover strokes.
  2. Increase technical scores. I’ve received the “dash of doom” in every competition this year. If I can avoid that and skate a clean program, my technical scores should increase. I’m aiming for 0 or positive Grades of Execution (GOE) and have the technical elements to hit around 13 or 14 points.
  3. Earn at least 27 points in my freestyle program (will depend on above, since my overall points consists of PCS and Technical)
  4. Get my double salchow more consistent
  5. Work on higher level spins and include in my freestyle program. I already have a level 3 sit spin and would love to have my other 2 spins earn a “level.”
  6. Start working on double toe loop and/or double loop

If all goes according to plan, then the competition results will come. Ultimately, I’d love to represent my rink in the Championship Adult Gold Ladies event at Adult Nationals, but that will only happen if I can meet goals 1-3 above. First stop will be Sectionals in March, so I will be practicing hard for that.

What are your skating goals this coming year?


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