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Camels That Don’t Spit

Camel spins and I don’t get along. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared that on here before. Prior to Adult Nationals, my camel spin disappeared completely. No matter what I did, I couldn’t do them. I jokingly referred to these failed attempts as “spitting camels.” If it was a bad camel spin day, I would say that the camels were spitting.

I am happy to report that my camel spins have much improved since then.

However, my BACK camel spins (and all variations thereof) have definitely been spitting. Every attempt at a back camel, no matter what spin entry or entrance I tried, ended horrendously. My posture was bad, my legs were bent, and I fell out of them after less than 1 revolution. Back camels and I did not get along.

Until this week.

I’m not sure what happened, but something clicked this week. I tried a regular back camel spin entry and figured out what I needed my body to do in order to properly hit the spin. Part of my problem was trying to figure out where my arms should be. Once I got that, the rest of it fell into place.

Here is a back camel spin from this week. While it’s not the best back camel spin you will ever see (far from it!), this is a huge accomplishment for me. Especially considering that my back camel spin was non-existent prior to this week.

And this is my flying camel spin from the same practice session. I’m starting to figure out where my arms and body need to be on that spin too. I still need to consistently ensure that I’m doing a true flying camel spin instead of a flying salchow (or flying “sour cow” as my friend K likes to say).

Here’s to hoping that there are no more spitting camels in my future…


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