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Bobbe Shire Spin Clinic – Part 2: The 5 Parts of a Spin

This is a continuation of the notes I took from the Bobbe Shire spin clinic. Last week I talked about some tips that Bobbe had during a shared private lesson. This week I am going to share Bobbe’s thoughts on the 5 parts of a spin.

Bobbe said that all spins should be practiced in the same way. This makes the spins more consistent, and it also gives you the ability to isolate errors while eliminating chance. According to Bobbe, all spins have 5 parts. See the graphic below for counter clockwise skaters.

  1. Presentation Edge. This is done on a half circle (use a line) with the 3-turn done at the halfway mark on the other side of the line. Then you do a backwards crossover, which should take up the other half of the circle. Hold this edge until the end makes a curly-cue.
  2. Push onto the spinning foot. Hold this forward outside edge until you reach the other side of the line.
  3. Hook. This is actually a 3-turn and is the first turn in your spin. Think about your axis (toe, knee, belly button). Pretend like you have a skewer from our ankle to your knee through your belly button. Keep this line intact. You should be able to put a mitten on your hip bone and not drop it (she calls this the “mitten crunch”). Your arms and legs need to go as far away from the axis as possible. The centrifugal force generated from a spin is something that Bobbe names “George.” Once you hit the hook in the spin, stay down in the knee and let George settle down before you squeeze him.
  4. Spin. If you do steps 1-3 correctly, the spin will center. Make sure you are in proper alignment and focus on speed.
  5. Exit. Finish the spin like it was the best thing anybody ever saw. Push away from the spin to exit – like it has bad breath. You shouldn’t be able to tell a spin exit from a jump landing since they are in the same position.


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