Skating Fridays


It’s been almost 4 years since my last figure skating test. The last one I took was in January 2014 when I passed my Gold Freestyle test through USFSA. Testing just hasn’t been a priority for me. While I’ve occasionally worked on the Intermediate Moves In the Field elements, I haven’t seriously worked on them.

I’m excited/nervous to say that I am testing at the end of this month. Not for Moves or Freestyle, but for Pairs. My pairs partner and I decided to take a risk and test our Adult Bronze Pairs test. We have everything going against us – no coach (he moved away), no choreographer (our friend started helping out but had to drop out due to other commitments), and no program. But we are attempting this anyway, despite all the headwinds.

So it’s officially time to cram.

My partner offered to choreograph our program so we’re working our way through that. We are self-coached right now and hope that our elements are good enough to pass this test.

If we don’t pass, then hopefully we’ll get a lot of feedback from the judges so we can work on those weaker elements.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! I don’t know who will be at the test session but hope that someone can video it for us (and then I can share with you all).

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