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Obligatory Pre-Competition Falls and Jitters

The skating competition is this weekend, and as part of my unintended pre-competition/test traditions, I’ve taken my obligatory falls and had quite a few jitters. I hope this means that I’ve gotten all the shakiness out of my system prior to the competition.

Earlier this week, a younger skater was doing backwards crossovers and getting ready to set up for a lutz. I was on two feet and just standing around after working on some elements when all of a sudden, I get hit from behind. Wham! I didn’t fall, but what I realized was that the younger skater ran into me. Her back slammed into mine and she looked pretty shaken up.

Her coach, who should have been watching for her, told her to watch where she was going. I’m not sure why she was being told this after the fact. Shouldn’t your coach be spotting for you while you are going into a lutz? I digress…

After the collision, my nerves were all jittery. I couldn’t land my jumps and things just seemed off. I’m attributing these to my on and off ice collisions (side note: my car is in the repair shop and should take about 6-7 business days). My program run-throughs haven’t been great because the freestyle sessions have been busy so skaters were constantly in my way. Plus, our infamous “diva sash” (the bright colored sash we are supposed to wear while running programs) has been missing for a while.

Fingers crossed that I do well this weekend. I’ll update you all next week on my scores and placements. If you follow me on Facebook, I’ll most likely share the results there first.


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