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2016 Skating Goals Recap

How is it December already? You know what that means around here – time to recap how I progressed on my skating goals that I set a year ago. Let’s just cut to the chase. Here we go!

  1. Increase PCS (program component scores) in freestyle programs. My PCS increased slightly and was around the 15 point mark. This number needs to keep going up.
  2. Increase technical scores. My best skate to date was at Adult Sectionals, where I finally did not receive the dreaded ‘dash of doom’ in my program. I did get a half loop downgraded and my axel was deemed underrotated, but it is definitely progress. I’ll call this a success for 2016 with lots of room for improvement in 2017.
  3. Earn at least 27 points in my freestyle program I earned just shy of 27 points this year (I was a few tenths away) so I will call this success as well.
  4. Get my double salchow more consistent. Well, I didn’t achieve this, but it is more consistently correct (but not fully correct). I am learning to cross my legs, which is huge, but I am still underrotated.
  5. Work on higher level spins and include in my freestyle program.This didn’t happen either but I did get all positive or 0 Grades of Execution at Sectionals. Huge success there. I had received the ‘dash of doom’ in all competitions prior to this one.
  6. Start working on double toe loop and/or double loop. Note that my goal was to start working on them. Yes, I did start work on them, but I am nowhere near close to landing correct jumps anytime soon.

In summary, 2016 was successful in terms of meeting most of my goals. I am building on some momentum and hope to make 2017 an even more successful skating year.

If you are a skater, how did your year go? Did you meet your goals?

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