Skating Fridays


What a week. During my last lesson, Coach and I were working on a change edge swing roll when I hit my heel and took a bad fall. I stayed on the ice for a little while because it stung. I bruised my right knee pretty badly and it’s now a beautiful palette of blue and purple.

Then I traveled for work one day and took a huge spill while walking into the parking garage. I was with a coworker and my manager when I didn’t notice the step down from the curb (to be fair, it was not clearly marked and my manager had almost tripped as well).

I tripped and landed on both knees and my hands. I sat there for at least a minute before I even attempted to get up. Both knees were throbbing in pain as I remained still and completely embarrassed about what had just happened. It was all such a blur, as the tripping felt like it happened in the blink of an eye. I don’t even remember how I got on the concrete floor.

As I got up, I realized that it was difficult to bend my knee. The three of us headed to dinner with the rest of our team shortly afterwards, and I found it very hard to climb the stairs to the second floor where our teammates were. I then realized that I was bleeding.

To make matters worse, I had a fainting episode at dinner while I was seated. They called an ambulance and the EMT came to take my vitals. They said that proper protocol was to whisk me away to the hospital but I refused. I felt fine and didn’t need to go.

My manager and I left shortly afterwards and drove the 2 hours back home. Thankfully I got home safely. I have a doctor’s appointment next week to get a quick checkup.

Needless to say, it’s been a trying week. I’m competing this weekend and my ego and confidence are badly battered. Not to mention my injured knees. Sigh.

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