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A Better Week (and a Double Salchow video)

Last week was very frustrating for me. Things weren’t going well, and I had an epic fall from the “mohawk of doom.” I’ve put that behind me and tried to focus on the positive this week.

I’ve been running my new freestyle program and am pleased to say that I actually have been finishing on time with the music. I’ve had to change my 2nd spin from the originally intended one because I’m not getting enough speed. A few times, I’ve ended about 3 seconds late but only because there were other skaters in my path and I’ve had to take significant detours around them. Had the ice been clear of skaters, I would have finished on time.

In addition, I am making progress on the double salchow. I’ve been trying to isolate the problem areas and committing to fixing them. My takeoff has improved tremendously, and I am actively crossing my legs. Now my problem is that I am opening up too early so I am landing 1/2 of a rotation short. I know this will fix itself over time, as I had similar issues with my axel when I first learned it.

Here is a video that I took this week:

I am relieved that this has been a better week for me and hope that this trend continues. Two more months until my first competition, so I have a little bit of time to iron out all the inconsistencies.

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