Skating Fridays


One of my all-time favorite movies is The Cutting Edge. When it debuted, I went to see it in the theaters – twice. It’s a fun story about how a washed-up hockey player transforms into a pairs skater. His pairs partner is a spoiled little rich girl, so it’s amusing watching the interaction between the two throughout the film.

If you’re familiar with the movie, you know that the most memorable line is, “Toe pick!” The hockey player, having never skated in figure skates before, trips on his toe picks during practices. His pairs partner keeps exclaiming, “toe pick” after each and every fall, and she gets a kick out of teasing him.

As for me? Well, I fall every time I practice, but it’s usually on an edge. This time, however, the toe picks of doom got me good.

Don’t worry, I’m OK. I found it pretty hilarious that I had a slow and dramatic fall out of this salchow attempt. I’m always laughing at myself and try not to take things too seriously so it’s fun to share these bloopers with you all.

Toe pick!

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