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Update on Double Loop

First, I need to add a disclaimer. I have not been actively working on a double loop. Nor have I officially been taught one. But, I know that a double loop is pretty much the foundation to any multi-rotational jump so I will occasionally attempt a few.

While I haven’t spent too much time on this jump, I thought it would be fun to see how this jump has changed (and hopefully improved) since I last filmed it. I’m being perfectly honest here: I have never landed a clean one, so please don’t expect to see a fully rotated, beautiful jump. I’m just here to share my little bit of progress with you all.

Here is a super slow attempt from December 2015.

And here is the attempt from October 2016. I’m very aware that I am still not making ankle contact (sigh), and that my body likes to open up really early AND that this not a clean jump. But, it does look more and more like a real attempt rather than just an overrotated single jump.

I hope to land a real one sometime soon!

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