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Coach B’s Spin Challenge

Coach B came back a few weeks ago from the PSA (Professional Skaters Association) conference with lots of fun new warmup exercises. I’ve been slowly working my way through many of these and have enjoyed the new challenges in between my regular exercises.

One new gauntlet she threw down was a new spin challenge. She wanted to create some friendly competition among her skaters so she talked about a spin pyramid that she borrowed from Ryan Jahnke:

As an added bonus, she said that skaters that complete the pyramid would earn $100 from her. She said that I had a good chance of completing at least 50% of the pyramid, which would be an amazing feat.

I’ll see how many of these items I can check off the pyramid over the next year. So far, Coach B has recorded the following for me in our first spin pyramid challenge:

  • Forward sit: 16 revolutions
  • Forward scratch spin: 22 revolutions
  • Forward camel spin: 8 revolutions
  • Backward sit: 8 revolutions
  • Backward scratch spin: 22 revolutions
  • Backward camel spin: 3 revolutions

And here are the other boxes I can also check off on the pyramid to start:

  • Forward sit difficult variation (cannonball/forward sit variation)
  • Backward sit difficult variation (backward twist)
  • Difficult entrance to a spin (illusion/windmill entry)
  • Upright difficult variation (Alaina Chartrand upright variation)
  • Forward camel difficult variation (catch foot grab)

Who wants to join me in the spin challenge?

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