Skating Fridays

Power and speed

The judges at my last test session mentioned that I needed to skate with more power and speed. Coach B and I have been focusing a lot on these two things, and I want to say that I’ve made some improvements. We’ve been doing a lot of half-circle patterns down the length of the ice that are supposed to help me get quicker and more powerful (note that we aren’t focusing on the actual tracings or “perfection” that normal patterns usually warrant during Moves in the Field; we are solely doing these for speed and power):

  • Power three-turns
  • Forward crossovers into mohawk, into backward crossovers
  • Alternating three-turns down the ice

In addition to the patterns above, Coach B also has me skating power circles into 3 consecutive waltz jumps, loop jumps, and salchows. It is really scary going at top speed and then jumping! I know I can do it, but I’m so used to going at a much slower tempo.

This speed thing is really going to take some time getting used to.


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