Skating Fridays

Not Seeing Double…Yet

One of my goals for this year was to consistently land a double salchow. I am sad to report that I haven’t accomplished this yet. But, I have to admit that Coach B and I have not worked on this element much this year. We’ve been focusing on my skating skills, spins and other jumps.

I landed a cheated one in August 2014 and haven’t successfully landed one since. We’ve been working in the harness and I can execute them just fine. Once the harness is off, my brain starts to freak out.

My takeoff looks to be correct so far, and my main problem is the “snap” immediately afterwards. I am noticing that my jumping leg (my right leg) kicks up too high and opens up instead of tightening to snap in. I feel like a “Google doctor” where I can diagnose myself but can’t fix what’s broken!

Here is an attempt from earlier this week. It’s obviously not the best, but I am hoping to still land one by end of year.


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