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Be Prepared

The traveling company of The Lion King musical came to my city not too long ago, and my family and I went to see it. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it – the costumes are exquisite!

Anyway, one of the songs from the musical (and the movie) is Be Prepared. The title was extremely relevant for me this week as I attended a normal freestyle session at the rink.

I was more than halfway done with my practice and was on the verge of getting tired. I heard someone yell my name, and it turned out to be my choreographer. She asked me how the new program was going, and I told her I was practicing it every day.

Then my choreographer said that her next lesson got cancelled so she had some extra time to watch me. She happened to have my program music with me and told me to take my starting position so I could run through the whole thing.

And let me just say that it was a hot mess. It was worse than a hot mess. I was clearly unprepared for this surprise program run-through but now know better. I rushed through the entire program, was behind in my music, and all my elements were extremely sloppy. My choreographer gave me immediate feedback, and I felt ashamed.

Now that I know she likes to surprise her skaters, I will be ready for the next time. I will practice my program with music and be prepared for the next surprise program run-through.

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