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Axel progress… somewhat

I’m still working on fixing my axel jump and hope to have it fairly decent in time for the competition at the end of the month. Coach B and I have had a few additional lessons in the harness, and while those have gotten slightly better, I’m not advancing as much as I had hoped. For whatever reason, I seem to perform the jump better on the ice sans harness than doing it in the harness.

I have worked very hard on the entrance to the jump to make sure that my back is straight and that my leg is bent backwards. I am standing up straighter in the jump, but my problem is the landing. My hips and legs open up before I touch down on the ice with my toe pick. The tightest part of the jump should be the landing, but I am anticipating it too early.

Coach B has a few helpful exercises for me to try, so I will need to continue working on those.

Here is what my axel jump looks like right now. I think it has improved since the last videos I showed you, but I’m probably biased.



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