Skating Fridays


Yesterday was an emotional day. I attended a surprise baby shower for a coworker after lunch. We celebrated her and her husband and the upcoming birth of their first child. There was much laughter, smiles and joy.

Not long after the shower was over, I received a message from my best skating friend that her mother-in-law had unexpectedly passed away that morning. Needless to say, I was in shock. I don’t know many details, but I wanted to support my friend as best as I could. I had the pleasure of meeting Deb on many occasions, and she had the ability to always make me laugh. She was full of life, and her infectious personality was something that I admired.

I had already planned on skating my (new) dramatic program after class last night, but this performance was very special. I told my friend that I would dedicate it to her mother-in-law, whom I hoped would be watching. This was the debut of my program, and it was a heartfelt performance despite not skating my best. Although I skated alone, I didn’t feel alone because I could feel the love and energy surrounding me as I took the ice.

I finished and gave my friend a big hug as tears filled both of our eyes. It was a performance that I will never forget, and I will smile when I skate it again because I know that there is a new angel watching me from above.

Thank you for all the laughter you brought me, Deb. You will be missed.


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