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My IJS scores and breakdown

After what seemed like eons (4 days in reality), I finally received my scores from the skating competition. Here they are above.  I’m going to do my best to interpret these for you and explain what happened and how the judges scored me.

Technical Elements

  1. 1F (Single flip): Since this received a 0 Grade of Execution (GOE), it means I performed this jump as the judges expected. I received the full 0.5 point value.
  2. SSpB (Sit spin, base level): Two judges gave me a +1 GOE, which means this spin was performed above average in their eyes. In order to attain a higher level spin, I needed to hold the sit spin for 4 revolutions and then go into a featured position (like the cannonball or a tuck) for a full 8 revolutions. Coach B and I checked the rulebook, and even though spins earn higher points if held for 8 revolutions, it doesn’t look like it applies to the base sit spin position (it does for the camel and layback spins). Lesson learned.
  3. 1Lo (Single loop): A 0 GOE means that this jump was performed as expected and I received the full 0.5 points.
  4. 1A<< (Single axel): I have to be honest here. I was dumbfounded why I did not receive any points for this, and I had no idea with the << symbols meant. After talking with Coach B, she said that the << means that the jump was downgraded. The judges thought my axel was more than 1/2 revolution cheated, so it was downgraded to a waltz jump. Since a waltz jump isn’t a recognized jump in IJS, I received no points.
  5. 1Lz+1Lo<< (Single lutz/single loop combination): You can see from my scores above that I received -1 and -2 GOEs for this combination. Because the << symbol is immediately following the 1Lo, it means that the judges thought I cheated the loop jump. Huh? I didn’t think that was even possible! On a positive note, I got full credit for the lutz jump, so it means I took off on the correct edge. Hooray! Considering that I just learned the lutz (the correct way) this summer, this is a huge accomplishment.
  6. CCoSpB (Change foot combination spin, base level): I did a camel spin into a back sit spin for my combination. After reviewing my video, I realized that I may not have completely reached the 4 required revolutions on the camel spin for this combination to fully count. The back sit spin may also not have gotten low enough to achieve full credit. Therefore, the judges gave me a -1 GOE pretty much across the board.
  7. ChSt (Choreographic step sequence): This one baffled us, and Coach B and I had a long talk about this even before the competition. She had a feeling that the choreographic sequence required a spiral sequence, but after reviewing the rules, she said that adults were exempt. Unfortunately, her initial instinct was right. I needed a spiral sequence within my footwork, and we did not have it in there. Because I didn’t include a spiral, I received no credit. This is so frustrating since we reviewed the rules pretty thoroughly a week before the competition.
  8. 1F+1T (Single flip/single toe loop combination): Two judges gave me a -1 GOE, so they thought it could have been stronger. And they’re right. The combination was fine but not my best by any means.
  9. FSSpB (Flying sit spin/death drop spin): I didn’t fully stretch out my “fly” portion of the spin, and my back sit spin didn’t snap down or as low as I wanted to. The judges saw this flaw and gave me -1 and -2 GOEs. One generous judge gave me a 0 GOE… yay!

OK, so with the scores above, I clearly need to fix my lutz/loop combination, flip/toe, camel/back sit spin and my death drop. I can gain extra points by turning the single jumps into combinations and turning the sit spin into a cannonball with 8 revolutions. Obviously we need to fix my footwork to make sure it meets the requirements for either a choreographic step sequence or a regular step sequence (that’s two points lost right there!). And the other thing I need to work on is making sure the axel is landed more cleanly and less cheated.

My Program Component Scores (PCS) were actually not too bad, especially for my first competition. After watching my video, I can see where I could have had more fluid arm movements, and I can see that my transitions could use some improvement. My skating skills, choreography and interpretation were all pretty closely scored and were my highest components within the program delivery.  I just need to make the linking footwork stronger and make them flow better. Coach B was very pleased with this and was surprised that my PCS scores were stronger than the technical scores – she said that most of the time these are flipped (where skaters’ technical scores are higher). That probably would have been the same for me, except that I didn’t receive credit for the two elements.

I guess I can only get better from here. Now we know what NOT to do!

Hope this was a helpful post and gave you some better understanding about the IJS scoring system and what some of the symbols and acronyms mean.

And finally, here is a good view of my blinged-out dresses as I promised a few weeks ago. The white dress is from the Tonya/Nancy duet and the purple one is from my Gold Freestyle program.


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