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Progress (or Not) from 2015 Skating Goals

About a year ago, I shared my 2015 skating goals with you. It’s that time of year again to see how I fared on the list.

    1. Earn higher PCS scores in my IJS programs (goal: at least 17 points)  This did not happen. While my PCS scores did improve and I am skating faster and stronger, my transitions still need some work. I am still proud of the progress I made though.
    2. Place in the top 4 in the Gold Ladies event at Sectionals and qualify for the Championship Gold Ladies event at Adult Nationals   This definitely did not happen. I placed 2nd to last at Sectionals but am proud for attempting it. Maybe next year!


    1. Earn a total score of 28+ points in my IJS programs This didn’t happen either. My brain keeps getting in the way and I have the ability to earn this score, but my mind wasn’t well prepared. Hope to accomplish this next year.


    1. Add a double salchow to my skating repertoire (meaning that it’s consistently landed)  I just landed my double salchow for the first time in November, so this goal is a work in progress.
    2. Learn a double toe loop  We did not work on this element in 2015.
    3. Learn a legitimate, non-adult version of a layback spin  We did not work on laybacks this year.
    4. Continue to skate faster and with better power and flow  This will always be a goal. I’ve made a lot of improvements in this area and hope to continue to make strides to become a better skater.


  1. Add more difficult spins to my repertoire and use them in programs  I added a flying camel to my program this year and received credit for it, so I am proud of that. I did have another difficult spin but flubbed it during competition. Hopefully I will be ready this coming year!

All in all, how did I do? Well, even though I did not reach most of these goals, I am still proud of the progress I made this year. I’m looking forward to see what 2016 brings.


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