Skating Fridays

Beginning Pairs Throw Jumps

My pairs partner and I took a brief hiatus at the end of 2017 due to some personal reasons. We’ve slowly been trying to find time to practice together again in hopes of working on a Silver Pairs program to test (and eventually compete).

Since our pairs coach moved away suddenly last fall, we are still coachless. We have the option of doing FaceTime lessons with a pairs coach but haven’t opted in to that yet. We’d like to take a stab at coaching ourselves and utilizing YouTube for Silver, but if and when we do reach a higher level, we may look for some formal guidance.

For the Silver level, a throw jump is required. We’ve been watching online videos to see how other pairs teams are executing these elements so we’ve tried to copy them as best as we could. Here are videos of our throw waltz jump and throw salchow attempts.

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