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Like most normal people, I struggle with a lot of things. In high school, it was history. In college, I really struggled with accounting. And in skating, I’ve been having some massive struggles with my camel spin.

The camel spin is essentially a spiral that spins in one place. The back is supposed to be nicely arched, and both legs are extended and straight. I initially had trouble with it when I was first learning the spin many, many years ago. Then the spin came to me pretty automatically. These days, my spin is hit or miss.

I’m not sure what my problem is. Some days, I “swoop” my leading arm (right arm) too much, and it throws me off balance. Other days, I pop out of the spin. And who knows what else on the remaining days.

I had a lesson with Coach B one week, and I just broke down and cried. Like an ugly cry. Why does this spin matter, you ask? Well, it is currently in my freestyle program, and we included it so I could obtain some easy points. However, I have received 0 points for this spin in my last 2 competitions. Yes – zero.

For whatever reason, I am not holding my camel position for two full revolutions. A minor bobble hurts because then you have to hold the full camel position for 2 full revolutions AFTER the bobble for it to count. It’s extremely frustrating.  I know that I CAN do this spin, but when it’s in a program or under pressure, my nerves take over and my body freaks out.

I may play it safe at Nationals and execute a different combination spin so I can get some guaranteed points. I’m not going 0-3 on the camel-sit spin combination. Nope, it’s just not going to happen.

Here is an example of one time that I executed this combination spin correctly. Yes, I have evidence that my body can do this!


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