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Tribute to Bobbe Shire

I had another post ready to go for today but I pushed that out to next week for good reasons.

This week, I heard the sad news that the skating world lost its best spin coach – Bobbe Shire. She was one of the most popular skating coaches on and used a fantastic spin methodology that my own coach abides by. Bobbe used a fun analogy to teach skaters of all ages about centrifugal force (calling it “George”).

I was fortunate enough to have attended two of her seminars and had one shared private lesson with her. She and I bonded over the fact that we both are clockwise spinners (we both dubbed ourselves as “righty” skaters since we spin to the right). And despite her claiming that she is horrible with names, she remembered my name when I worked with her this past summer at a spin clinic. It had been at least a year since I saw her last.

Funny story – Bobbe was kind enough to allow me to take photos with her, but she never wanted to see them. She claimed that she looked horrible in photos and to please not share them with her. But here I am, sharing these photos… Sorry, Bobbe!

I will remember all the knowledge that she shared with me and try to apply it to the best of my ability. I hope that she is at peace and smiling down upon us. She will truly be missed.

Bobbe – thank you for sharing  your passion for skating and life with us. You have no idea how many of us you have positively impacted. Your smile, knowledge, passion for our sport, and teachings about squeezing “George” will live on in each of us. May you rest (and spin) in peace.

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