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2018 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is coming to a close. That means it’s time to reflect on my 2018 goals to see how I did. Here we go!

  1. Improve my presentation on the ice: My goal here was to have a straightened back, extended free leg, “come up” after a spin or jump element, “feel” the music, and keep my chin and eyes up. If done well, should reflect on my PCS.  While I did make some slight improvements here, I am not where I want to be. I still slouch when skating and break at the waist. I am not checking this one off.
  2. Skate in the moment during competition. That meant that I was not focusing on future outcomes, but rather being in the present and enjoying what I was doing. This came a long way from January of this year, and I am pleased to have made a ton of progress here. While I am not 100% there, I am trending in the right direction.
  3. Land a clean Axel in competition. Because I have learned to skate in the moment and just “be” during a program at competition, I learned to let go. As a result, I landed not only one, but TWO clean axels in competition! And both of them received the 10% bonus for being after the halfway mark. Holy cow!
  4. Successfully execute a correct double salchow. I’ve been working hard on this, as evidenced in all the videos and analyses I’ve been sharing. Technically, I have landed some double salchows on the 1/4. Depending upon which technical panel reviews these, you can call these underrotated or barely IJS clean. You decide. But regardless, I am still beyond the moon that this jump has gotten closer to squeaky clean.
  5. Check off at least one more spin off Coach B’s spin pyramid. I wanted to check off one more item off the spin pyramid from Coach B. Although she and I parted ways in the summertime, I have been working on more fun spins from my spin coach… things like layover camels, layback spins, change edge spins, and broken leg sit spins. Lots of fun here!

So, in summary, 2018 was a great year with wonderful progress, particularly in my mental game. I need to continue focusing on that so I can become a stronger athlete and competitor. And hopefully the elements will come too.

Next week… 2019 skating goals!


  1. December 28, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    Hooray for EvaSkates 2018! I definitely have enjoyed seeing your progress this year–it is very inspiring for my own skating. Here’s to a wonderful year of improvement, with lots more to come.

    • evabakes
      December 28, 2018 / 10:05 pm

      I’ve enjoyed reading about your progress too, Jo. Here’s to aligned hips, strong ankles and deep edges!

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