Skating Fridays


This week has flown by.  My coach is on vacation this week, so I did not have a lesson. I did manage to go to the rink a few times, and my skating friend K was able to come with me. She has been such a huge support for me. We are both testing in less than 3 weeks (AHHH!), and she knows what my strengths and weaknesses are and can help me see what I’m doing wrong (thank you, K!).

K brought up a good point at one of our practices this week. She said that we needed to make sure we are not overtraining. Although most of my focus in the past few weeks has been on the required elements for my test, I need to make sure I set aside some time to work on other things like jumps and spins.

Case in point: I lost one of my jumps a few weeks ago, and it was probably because I’ve been concentrating on this upcoming test too much. But, it is slowly coming back and I know it will be there once I practice it more.

On a separate note, I had an awesome layback spin the other day and didn’t get a chance to have someone record it for me. Boo. When I tried it again last night, I couldn’t center it, so it was a lost cause. So, I decided to a combo spin instead – camel to sit spin. This isn’t the best one I’ve done, but it’s not too bad considering that spinning has been in the backburner for a while.

Check it out…

Have a great weekend!


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