Skating Fridays

It’s back to basics for me. I had my first non-Moves lesson with my coach (who I will refer to as Coach B) last week. She and I started working together in September 2012, and the only thing we’ve worked on together were elements for the Gold Moves test. Now that the Gold Moves test is behind me, I can finally  move on and work on the things that I enjoy more – freestyle.

My first lesson was back to the basics. Coach B had me glide across the ice in an “h” position going forwards and backwards. Luckily, this was an exercise I had done many times before, so it came back pretty easily. We also did an exercise called the “magic circle,” which I also had learned with a previous coach. For the “magic circle,” I do a two foot spin but have my feet pigeon-toed. Then I lift my free leg into an “h” position. The purpose of this exercise is to help me understand how to do a proper takeoff for jumps. I sometimes lead with my heel into jumps, which is incorrect, so the magic circle helps me learn to lead with my toes instead. It also teaches me the correct body positions while in the air.

The most challenging thing for me in my first freestyle lesson was an alternating half loop exercise, which I had to do down the line. I started with my natural jumping side and did a half loop. Then I’d change sides and do a half loop going the other way. I had to continuously do alternating half loops all the way down the line. Holy cow – this was hard!  Here is a video of me doing it this week. It is much improved from last week and doesn’t seem quite as hard any more.

We also worked on the beginning parts of a lutz. I have been scared to do these, and now I know why.  I was taught incorrectly! Now that I understand the proper entrance and takeoff, hopefully they won’t be as scary when I attempt one for the first time.

Another coach (whom I will refer to as Coach S) will be choreographing my next program for me soon. So exciting!


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