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An update on testing and some spin variations

I had a good lesson last week. Of course, I had a few bad axels and a few “waxels” (opened up waltz/axels), but at the end of my lesson, I landed a few fairly clean jumps that were pulled in tightly. I was even able to land some in a backspin.

Coach B said that she knew that I had the ability to land the jumps but was worried about how I would perform under pressure. I told her I’d be fine since I don’t tend to get nervous when I’m skating freestyle elements (Moves in the Field, on the other hand, freaks me out). If the judges didn’t like my axel during the test, then I could easily reskate it. Worst thing that could happen is that I do not pass my test the first time.

So then it was decided. I am now testing in the middle of next month.

I am making a few changes to my program to make it easier and to fit the requirements.

  • My footwork needs to include a spiral (remember, I didn’t get credit for my choreographic sequence during the competition)
  • I need to add a split jump, stag jump or falling leaf
  • My lutz/loop combo needs to change to a single lutz
  • The death drop spin will now be a plain old backspin

However, I am thinking ahead to skating in IJS again, and I’d like to have a higher level spin so I can gain more points. Since the sit spin is clearly my strongest spin, I’m working on adding some variations to it.  If I have the speed, I can do a sit into a cannonball (for 8-9 revolutions) and then into a back tuck. If I execute this correctly, it would be considered a level 2 spin. I only hit the cannonball position for 5 revolutions in the video below, so this wouldn’t be a level 2 spin yet.

The other thing I’m playing with is an open layback spin. I’m trying this variation to see if it will help me arch back further. If I can get this more comfortable, then I can add some arm positions. I probably won’t use this in my program, but it would still be nice to have a pretty layback spin.

3 more weeks until test day!

Sit to cannonball to back tuck

Open layback


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