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Back on the ice… and tripping over myself

I was off the ice for two weeks because of a last-minute international trip and Thanksgiving. I know that my body usually gets out of practice after being away from the ice that long. I had my first practice this past weekend, and I was literally tripping over myself. The ice was fairly smooth, yet I almost bit it several times throughout the beginning of my practice. I tripped on minor grooves in the ice and over my own skates. Oops.

It didn’t take long until I was almost back to my normal self again, but I was still a bit shaky. I did my usual warmup drills and then went into some easy spins and jumps. I need to kick it into high gear so I can prepare for Round 2 of my skating test next month. My primary focus is on power and speed, and my secondary focus is to land the axel and receive full credit for it.

In the meantime, here is a video from yesterday’s axel attempts in class. I’m working on trying to jump out (in a straighter line) rather than pre-rotating and jumping around my axis. My jump is still landing 1/4 turn cheated since my body tends to check out early.

 Attempt #1

Attempt #2


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