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Skating Blogs I Read

In case you are curious, these are the skating blogs that I enjoy reading and following. Here they are, in alphabetical order.

  • Change of Edge – I love hearing about Jules’ figure skating adventures. She’s based in New Zealand and recently competed at the 2013 Australian Figure
    Skating Championships.
  • Figure Skating Advice – Gigi skated competitively for 15 years and offers skating advice and lots of DIY projects.
  • Fit and Fed – Mary is a food and skating blogger like myself and has been so supportive of me. Last summer she skated a beautiful program in memory of her dad. I’m hopeful that she’ll pass her Adult Gold Moves this year.
  • Footwork and Fancy Threes – Alejeather has lots of great videos of her skating on her blog and on her YouTube channel. She is *thisclose* to landing her axel. Squee!
  • My Figure Skating and Life – Olga is a Russian skater now living in New Zealand. She successfully balances the love of the sport with her young family – what an inspiration!
  • Sarah on Ice – I love watching Sarah’s videos to see how she’s progressed. She even created a few videos that show her improvement from the first time she tried a new element to the latest attempt. So cool!
  • The Ice Doesn’t Care – This is hands-down, the funniest skating blog I’ve ever read. Author Babbette says things that I’m often thinking, but she manages to make it even funnier by incorporating animated GIFs (usually of cats). My favorite phrase from her: “ice tourists”
  • Thrills, Chills, and Spills – oh my! – Janet and I must be related somehow because we are both flute-playing figure skaters. Otherwise known as the best kind of figure skaters.
  • Waltz Jump – Diane is so good about videotaping almost all of her practices. It’s neat to see her improve on a daily basis. I’m uber jealous of her spread eagles.
  • Xanboni – Xan is a figure skating coach and offers a unique perspective on the sport since she teaches skaters.

There are a few more skating-related blogs that I follow, but some of them have not been updated in a while so I didn’t include them here. Please share more skating blogs with me so I can check them out.


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