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An Update on My Knee Injury

I went to the doctor this week – a man who happens to specialize in knee injuries and treats our local ice hockey team, no less – and got some information on my knee injury. After a few x-rays, a physical exam and countless questions, the doctor believes that I tore the cartilage in my knee. He says that it can happen to anyone, but it is a common injury in athletes and non-athletes aged 45 and up. He’s almost certain it’s from the broken leg sit spins – I probably tweaked it. He described the tear as a “hangnail on your cartilage.”

I have almost full use of my knee without pain except when I squat (to get into a sit spin position). The doctor said that I either tore the cartilage or there is some rubbing on the underside of my knee cap. It’s hard to say for sure without an MRI.

If I had all the time in the world, then I should allow it heal on its own. Most of the pain should be gone within 6-8 weeks (I am on week 3). If time is of the essence, then I can schedule an MRI and finalize a treatment plan shortly afterwards. There is a local skating competition in mid-September that I’d like to participate in, but I guess that will depend on whether I am healed by then.

My plan of action is to rest the knee (no forward sit spins or anything that would cause me to have to squat or put pressure on the kneecap), evaluate whether I want to do physical therapy, and decide if I want an MRI.  He told me “no jumps,” but he was fine after I told him that I jumped the other way and land on my left leg.

If my knee is still painful by the end of the month, I need to give the doctor a call back to schedule the MRI. Hopefully I won’t need any type of medical intervention like surgery… I usually avoid those like the plague.

I’m really hoping that my body heals quickly and that I can be back to normal by the time the September competition rolls around. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting it out.


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