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Evolution of my back sit spin with a twist

I thought it would be fun to share my progress on the back sit spin with a twist. Since the ISU removed the back entry as a feature in IJS events, the back sit spin alone will not count as a Level 1 spin. I’ve been working on the twist and hope to have that count as my difficult feature.

The video is broken into 3 different clips.

Clip #1 is from May 2014. This was my initial attempt at doing the twist, but you’ll notice that my back really isn’t twisted in the correct position. It looks more like a regular back sit spin with fancy side arm positions.

Clip #2 is from June 21, 2014. It doesn’t look too different from the May clip, so I didn’t make much improvement in the month that went by.

Clip #3 is from June 29, 2014. You’ll see that my body position is different. My upper body is essentially resting on my leg, and there isn’t much of a gap between them. This is the correct position for the twist. I haven’t started experimenting with arm positions yet, but that will come later.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, this spin will continue to improve and it will be stable enough to add the arm positions. I’d love to include this in my program and hold the twist for 8 revolutions and aim towards a Level 2 back sit spin. Since I already have a Level 2 (forward) sit spin, I’d probably have to do a forward sit spin immediately afterwards so this would count as a change foot spin. Remember, in IJS, you cannot do the same spin twice.



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