Skating Fridays

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people at the rink have asked when Addie is going to skate.  And oh, wouldn’t it be great if she was just like Mommy? My answer is these questions is always the same: “I’ll take her to the rink when she asks me.”

I don’t want to be that parent who forces their child to participate in an activity that she has no interest in. She does not have to follow in my footsteps.

Yes, Addie pretends to skate around at home, and yes, she likes to watch Meryl (Davis) and Charlie (White) on YouTube. But she hasn’t asked me to enroll her in lessons. At least not yet.

On occasion, she’ll ask to go skating on a weekend, and I’ll take her to public skating, but beyond that, she hasn’t requested lessons. Every once in a while I will ask her what sport she wants to learn, and figure skating has not come up. Am I disappointed? No. If she develops a genuine interest for the sport, she will let me know. Trust me, she is an opinionated girl and tells me if and when she likes something.

I don’t expect my daughter to take up my favorite sport, but if and when she does, I’ll be ready.


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