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Excellent Customer Service Still Exists – Rockerz Rocks

Getting used to my new, shorter blades has been a process, but I realized that there was something else that I needed to consider changing as well – my blade guards.

I had been using cheapo blade guards for decades until a fellow skating friend said that she was interested in buying some Rockerz. I had seen the advertisements in SKATING magazine, but honestly, they didn’t appeal to me (perhaps the model depicted in the print ads wasn’t speaking to my demographic). Despite my initial hesitation, I bought a pair of Rockerz in May. My world totally changed.

Rockerz are actually shaped to fit the curvature of your skate blade. They are comfortable to walk around in, and there is nothing clunky about them at all. I can easily put them on and take them off. Best of all, they are customizable to the colors of your choosing! (I know, I sound like an advertisement.)

Once I got my new blades, I put on my Rockerz and noticed that I had quite a bit of wiggle room in the guards because of the shorter blades. I contacted Rockerz right away to see what my options were.

The customer service guy said that I could use a professional sander and shave off 6 millimeters from each piece. I didn’t own a sander, so that wasn’t an option. Cutting the extra portion off with a knife wasn’t feasible because the material would be too hard. I had only one option left, and it was something that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do – buy a new pair.

Rather than charge me the full $30+ for the brand new pair, the customer service representative said that I would only have to pay $12. That price included shipping. Whoah, seriously?

My new Rockerz arrived in about 3 business days. Oh, and the customer service guy that was helping me the whole time? Well, it turns out that he is the co-founder of the company. Good guy. Looks like customer service still exists, and I am happy to say that Rockerz has gone above and beyond to keep me as a customer.

Keep it up, Rockerz. You have a loyal customer here.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post and am not affiliated with Rockerz in any way. I am simply a happy consumer and wanted to pass along my (positive) interactions with this company.


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