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Double Salchow Success!

July 17, 2018 is a date that will be etched into my memory. Not only was it the due date for my sister-in-law (my little niece did not make her appearance that day, but finally arrived a few days later), but it was also the date that I finally landed an IJS clean double salchow! Oh my goodness!

I was attempting some of the 2-footed landing exercises during practice that day and decided to try a few on one foot just for fun. I turned on my phone and started recording some jump attempts.

Lo and behold, after reviewing my footage, I realized that one of the jumps was clean! It was a super ugly jump attempt, and the landing was a hot mess, but I landed 1/4 rotation off a squeaky clean exit. Fortunately for me, this is considered IJS-clean (also will depend on the technical panel if this was done in a competition… some might call this under-rotated).

I immediately sent the video to my coach (who is world-renown and usually works on triple jumps with elite skaters, so he’s legit), and he confirmed that my jump was CLEAN!!!!

After 8 long months of focusing on this jump, I am happy to say that I have successfully landed one clean one.  I wasn’t able to replicate my success after this jump during the rest of the practice, so it has been a one-hit-wonder (at least so far).

Now the real work begins…. I want to make this a consistent jump and work on tweaking it so that it’s got beautiful flow and execution. Maybe I can include it in a future program. Pipe dreams, I know, but at least I now know that I can do it!

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