Skating Fridays

Time to Train, Train, Train

It is T-minus 2.5 weeks until my upcoming competition. I was off the ice last week due to the holidays but am back. I had my first full freestyle practice this week and my freestyle program run-through was a bit rough. Although I ended on time (an accomplishment in and of its own), I missed my combination spin and didn’t fully rotate my axels.

I’ll be training hard over the next few weeks to get my program ready. There are 6 skaters in my freestyle event, and I hope to skate well and earn a spot on the podium.

I also ran through my dramatic program this week. It was the first time I practiced it since I performed it this summer. It went fairly well, despite almost running into the other 1000 skaters on the ice at the time.

If you need to get a hold of me, I’ll be at the rink.


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