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Skating Like a Kid

Usually, when you  hear someone say that you’re acting like a kid, or doing anything like a kid (except being creative), it’s an insult. Am I right?

In skating, it’s actually a compliment: “Wow, you skate like a kid!”

Why is this? Well, kids are generally much smaller and lighter than adults. They have no fear. They can jump high, contort themselves in crazy positions and spin super fast.

Adult skaters, generally speaking, are not like that. We are scared to fall, afraid to jump too high, spin too fast and not as flexible as our younger skating companions. Things are harder for us to do. Our bodies aren’t as pliable so elements are more difficult to execute. (Again, I’m speaking in general terms, as there are many talented adult skaters who do not fall into this generalization.)

Imagine the excitement when my coach said that my axel jump almost “looked like a kid’s.” Wow. This compliment is huge because:

  1. My coach doesn’t usually give out compliments.
  2. I have worked extremely hard on improving my axel.
  3. To hear that it was close to looking like a kid’s was NOT something I expected.

I know that there is still a lot to fix on my jump (like crossing my legs fully), but it has come a long way. My “stork” leg is slowly disappearing, and I am starting to land a few of these with my free leg in front.

Maybe one day this jump will actually look like a kid’s jump. But for now, I’ll take the compliment and run with it.


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