Skating Fridays

Another Double Salchow

I am sad to say that I haven’t landed another clean double salchow since the one video I showed you all recently. It’s been over a month, and despite my best efforts, nothing was working.

Until now.

I was traveling to the Midwest to visit family and decided to take my skates with me. I found a rink and skated during public. I attempted several double salchows and after I landed one of them, it felt “right.” I checked the video, and I am just a hair short of a 1/4 revolution under-rotated, and depending upon who my technical panel is, they could call this IJS clean… or not. My jump coach confirmed that I was 1/4 turn short.

I know that my free leg slightly two-footed the landing, but I am just thrilled that I know that this jump is totally possible. I just need to learn to stay in a little longer and keep my body and legs tight together.

Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks! Don’t ever let anybody else tell you otherwise!

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