Skating Fridays

Gigantic Throw Waltz Jumps

Throw jumps are scary. I’m not going to lie. They can be absolutely terrifying, especially when you (meaning ME) don’t know exactly what you’re doing. It’s one thing to do these jumps on your own, but it’s a whole new thing when a someone else is literally hurling you through the air.

My pairs partner and I desperately want to try to successfully execute a throw axel. I can do an axel on my own, but those jumps are small, tight, and done on my own will and control. Add in the element of a partner, and all things are out the door. All of a sudden, I have extra height, more distance, and the fear factor of smacking into another human or landing on my face.

While we haven’t tried a throw axel on our own yet, we have been working on the throw waltz jump. Our thought process is that if we can get the waltz jump under control and consistent, then all I need to do (hahaha… like it’s easy) is to rotate on my axis and land. Trust me when I say that it’s easier said than done. I am still fearful of seriously injuring myself and my partner.

We did manage to capture a few gigantic throw waltz jumps on camera. Some of these were so big that I may have squealed a bit and almost missed the landing because I wasn’t quite sure where the ice was!

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