Skating Fridays

Trudging Through Mud

I have been told many times in my skating career that my arm (and leg movements) appear very sharp and un-poetic. I attribute that to my former gymnastics training – although the elements are fluid, the transitions were often very rigid and pointed.

Unlike ballet.

Ballet dancers are smooth, polished and move effortlessly across the floor. Good skaters should be able to do that too, except across the ice.

Coach B said that I looked like I was trudging through mud during a recent lesson. Ouch. She’s blunt, but I am glad that she’s honest so I know what I need to fix.

So how am I supposed to glide my mud-slugging self across the ice and make it look easy?

Well, I need to learn how to extend my arms and legs with every push. Hold my chin up high and “channel my inner Meryl Davis,” according to my coach. Tighten the core and skate with “neat feet.” None of this sloppy, choppy business.

I also bought a book called Ballet Secrets for Skaters, which I am hoping will help.

Chin up, legs extended and no more mud. That’s the goal.


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