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A Real Flying Camel

I’ve had a rough time trying to learn a flying camel spin. It honestly baffles me why this is such a hard spin for my body to execute. I can do a regular camel spin, and I can do a regular back spin and back sit spin. But the flying camel? Nope.

The leg that I am spinning on (my left leg) is my preferred spiral position. I can get that free leg up pretty high and achieve a good position while in a spiral. Also, in the spiral, my free leg isn’t bent.

However, when it comes to flying camels, all of that spiral muscle memory goes away. The spinning leg is on the wrong part of the blade, my free leg drops, and my free leg also gets all bent. It’s so, so frustrating.

Finally, one morning, I worked on holding a backward outside spiral on my left leg. I focused on trying to hit that same position while spinning. Lo and behold, it finally worked! I was able to “feel” the back spiral while spinning, and I correctly flexed my leg to get it straighter. I also concentrated in pointing my big toe up to the ceiling so I wouldn’t have a droopy boot position.

Here it is!!

I am hopeful that I can continue to get correct flying camels and build upon this spin. This could be huge!

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