Skating Fridays

Rink #44

Ashburn Ice House

After the Gold on Ice show concluded, my friends and I went back to our hotel. We scoped out some local rinks to see where we could practice in the morning before we headed home. We looked up a few rinks, and the Ashburn Ice House was the closest one to us and had the most flexible freestyle times.

It turns out that this was a rink where I have never skated before, so it is now the 44th one that I’ve been to. I was so happy to add this rink to my list!

Ashburn Ice House

There was only one other skater on the ice when we got on, so we essentially had private ice. My friend A and I tried to help each other out on spins and jumps. The four of us had a great time and also got some silly photos.

Ashburn Ice House

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