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Adult Sectionals – Videos

The video situation for Adult Sectionals is a bit disappointing. When we registered for the competition, we were told that we would receive a video and a still shot of our performance. I had (incorrectly) assumed that this meant that I would receive a video and photo for each event. Sadly, I was wrong. Even worse, the videographer for the event chose which video and photo we would receive.

Those of us that were in multiple events did not get to select which event video we wanted as part of our registration fee. It appears that the videographer mostly chose the free skate event if a skater competed in multiple events.

As a result, I received a video for my championship event. I wanted to see the video for my open age group event, but I would have to pay for it separately. I’m a bit peeved about this, but it is what it is.

My pairs partner also briefly subscribed to LiveBarn so that his wife (who did not make the trip with us) could watch from the comfort of their home. She helped us screen record our pairs performance:


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