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Adult Sectionals Recap – Part 3

2024 EAS

After the pairs event concluded at Sectionals, I quickly changed into my free skate dress and prepared for the Championship Gold Women’s event. We originally had 21 entries, but there were 2 withdrawals that made the field at 19 skaters.

I hadn’t slept well all week and wasn’t sure how I’d do.

2024 EAS

I was in the third warmup group and was the third skater to take the ice. I had a pretty good warmup, and everything felt great. The opening spin felt solid, so my confidence was up. However, I completely botched my first axel and got it dashed. After that mistake, I caught an edge on my easiest spin, the change foot sit spin. I managed to complete the forward sit but slipped when I transitioned to the back sit and did not execute that side. The tech panel was generous and still gave me credit for a level 2 sit spin (for 8 revolutions in a sit spin plus a clear increase in speed).

2024 EAS

The second axel was pretty abysmal, as I could feel my body starting to get tired. I managed to end the program pretty strongly. When I stepped off the ice, I was really disappointed in myself. I told my bestie K that I would be lucky if I scored a 24 for that performance. Much to my excitement and surprise, I earned a very respectable 28.53 points, which was enough to land me in 10th place. Hey, a top 10 finish is nothing to be ashamed of!

2024 EAS protocol

However, being the Type A personality that I am, I knew that I had left a lot of points on the table. Had I landed the first axel cleanly and executed the change foot sit spin as intended, I potentially could have earned a spot on the podium. I was my own worst enemy that day.

The exciting news from my skate was that I had earned my very first Special Achievement Pin for earning two or more +2 GOEs on an element. The element where I earned the pin was on my opening change foot combination spin. I definitely was NOT expecting that, as I had intentionally hoped to earn a pin on the change foot sit spin (that I messed up). But hey, I will take it! It was a successful Sectionals for me, as I took home two golds and a Special Achievement Pin!

2024 EAS

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