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Adult Sectionals Recap – Part 1

I am back from Pittsburgh and ready to recap the weekend! I competed in 3 events and will start with my first event, which was Gold Women III/IV. Six of us entered the event, and I knew that I had a shot at medaling (and potentially winning it all). If I wanted to make this happen, I had to skate clean.

The evening before, I had a 20 minute practice. The ice felt weird and a bit crunchy. The first ten minutes went horribly, but then I started getting used to the surface and skated better.

On the day of the competition, I put my friend K on the ice. Her event was right before mine, so after she finished skating, I ran back into the locker room to get my skates on. Everyone else in my event was ready to go and waiting to get on the ice. I got my skates on and joined them as quickly as possible.

I had a good warmup and was third in skate order. Thankfully, they weren’t announcing scores, so I had nothing to distract me. I took the ice and off I went.

The back sit on my first spin felt a little high, so I wasn’t sure if I would get credit for that position (spoiler: I didn’t). The first axel felt a bit off, but the second one felt better. My change foot sit spin was executed well, and the rest of the program felt pretty good. I ended the program on time and felt OK about the performance, but I wasn’t sure how I’d score.

I ended up with 29.62 points, which is my second highest score to date and won my event. Somehow, I beat second place by over 2 points!

I was ecstatic to learn that I had won the gold medal, but I had a long day ahead of me. The next day, I would have two practices in the morning, Adult Silver Pairs, and the Championship women’s free skate event. More to come on those…

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