Skating Fridays

Pairs Throw Salchow – Reversed

There is not a single practice with my pairs partner that goes by without either one of us laughing our heads off. We are always laughing at ourselves and generally have a good time.

On this particular day, we were working on the pairs throw salchow element. We thought that it would be fun to reverse roles and allow me to throw him. It took us a few tries to get there, but we did eventually come up with this:

What can I say? We are an equal opportunity partnership, so he should be able to try the traditional woman’s part too! I think it will be difficult for me to try to lift him, but we enjoy reversing roles occasionally. It actually gives me a better understanding of what he’s doing so that I can adjust my timing to better match him (and vice versa).

Hope you laughed as much as we did!

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