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2023 Skating Goals Year End Review

2023 goals

As I do every year, I am going to do a year-end review of my 2023 skating goals. Let’s see how I did!

  1. Pass Novice Moves in the Field. Surprisingly, I passed this on the first try! I ended up submitting a virtual test and hearing my results a week later. I tested this Adult 21+ and earned a 0, +1, and a +3. My hard work on these moves paid off!
  2. Build my spin repertoire. This season, I added a flying reverse sit spin to my repertoire, but sadly, none of them counted in competition! Boo hiss. I am also working on a new sit to camel spin, which should count as a difficult transition. It’s still a work in progress.
  3. Strengthen skating skills. I wold like to say that this has definitely improved. Having worked on Novice Moves very diligently has helped my skating skills tremendously. As a result, my coach created a leveled step sequence for my ISU program. During competition, I actually earned a Level 1 Step Sequence! Most of my competitors in all levels (and not just the Gold Women) earned a Base Level. What this tells me is that my turns and edges have improved. Hooray!
  4. Properly execute a pairs death spiral. Yeah, this did not happen at all. We had limited ice time and injuries to overcome this year, so we did not work on this element much. Plus, we were solely focused on the ISU competition and revamping that program (we had to cut about 20 seconds off our music and eliminate 2 elements). Maybe next year!

All in all, my skating skills and spins have made improvements. We need to stay injury-free and find more time to practice our pairs stuff. I’m still hoping to get that death spiral soon.

Next week, I’ll share my 2024 skating goals. How did you fare on your goals this calendar year?

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