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Clean Runthroughs

Recently, I’ve been running my entire freestyle program and the second half of my program a lot. I want to be well-prepared for my local competition and for the ISU one next month.

This particular program is about 10 seconds longer than my “normal” Gold version. While 10 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, anybody who is a figure skater will know that those 10 extra seconds seems like a lifetime when you’re out there. It doesn’t help when your legs have turned to jelly and you’re grasping for air. OK, so maybe that’s just me.

I know how tiring this program is for my body, so I’ve been trying to practice the second half a lot. It’s the most grueling part, including a leveled step sequence that has to be exactly in time with the music. If I’m behind just by a brief second, the movements don’t make sense. Then I get yelled at by my coach.

Thankfully though, I’ve been executing clean runthroughs and even have them on video. I’m not ready to share them quite yet because I want to officially debut the program at my local competition. Once that video is available, I’ll share it with you.

In other happy news, my pairs partner and I have also been executing clean runthroughs of our program. I am hoping that all of this is attributed to good training and not just some stroke of good luck.

It turns out that I will be the only person skating in my event at my home competition. I’m good with that though – my main purpose is just to skate the program and see what kind of baseline score I get under the newish judging system.

One more week until competition!

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