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Well, it’s official. I’ve successfully registered for two upcoming skating competitions. My home rink is hosting one at the end of September, and I’m skating one level up. The reasoning for that is so that I can skate my ISU program (which is ~10 seconds longer than my “normal” program). In Masters Intermediate/Novice, skaters can execute up to 10 elements. My program only has 9, so I am just going to do the 9. It doesn’t make sense for me to add one more element just to add it in since I won’t be skating the 10-element program any other time this season.

My coach essentially wants me to get some feedback on how the ISU program is judged and see where I need to improve before we compete it. I’ll be curious to see how I do also, since I have not competed after US Figure Skating changed the number of Program Component categories from 5 to 3. This will be my first benchmark under this new scoring structure.

While the competition fees were $$$$, I rationalized this by thinking I’d spend more if I were to skate in another competition elsewhere. I’d be spending money on transportation, lodging, food, etc. Even though our home competition is expensive, it would still be cheaper than if I skated somewhere else.

In addition to the home competition, I also registered for the ISU International Adult Skating competition in Nashville, which is slated for mid-October. Even though I know that most US-based skaters tend to enter one level below their current level, I am staying at Gold. My coach recommended that I keep my program as similar as possible to my current one, so that is what we are doing. I have no idea how I will place, but that’s out of my control anyway.

The other event I entered for Nashville is Adult Pairs. We’ll be skating at the entry level and modifying our program from 2022 since my partner and I have limited practice time as it is.

Looking forward to competing again this season after taking last year off to work on Novice Moves (which apparently is now called Silver Moves).

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